Stem Cell And Regenerative Therapy Injections Bring Non-Surgical Hope By Our Medical Physicians for Many Chronic Condition Sufferers in Bergen County Northern NJ


Even If You Are BONE ON BONE & Have Been Told SURGERY is Your ONLY Option!


The above is a Patient Physician who drove 2 hours each way to receive Stem Cell. WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR!

Imagine finding a way that you can prevent having surgery for your joint pain, knee osteoarthritis, low back pain and any musculoskeletal symptoms that you have been diagnosed and have gone to multiple doctors for relief.  If you have been told that you may need surgery now or in the future you better look into other options.

My name is M.T. Shahab, M.D. Our team of multidisciplinary doctors assess each patient individually and formulate a diagnostic and specific plan of care to help the patient based on their areas of expertise and discipline. Regenerative and Stem cell Therapy is a medical procedure and is performed by our medical physicians and ancillary medical staff. The above video is only an educational video for information about Stem Cell and regenerative therapy and not a medical recommendation.

Stem Cell and Regenerative Therapy is one of the biggest medical breakthroughs in natural healing!

COUPON 1996-2Stem Cells are mother cells that have the capacity to develop into any other type of cell in your body. They are tasked with healing injured tissue, bone, joint, disc, nerve, cartilage, ligament and tendon. Your body is continuously rebuilding with the help of stem cells. Stem Cell Therapy delivers a high concentration of stem cells into the injured or weakened area which will promote natural healing. Stem cells and amniotic regenerative cells are different and are used for different types of regenerative and repair of tissues. Amniotic cells are not stem cells whereas umbilical cells are commonly known as stem cells. The stem cells and regenerative cells are uneducated cells in which upon insertion to a body part to repair and regenerate tissues needed to regrow.

There are different types of these regenerative cells including bone marrow derived, adipose or fat tissue derived and amniotic derived from healthy C-section placentas. MedWell uses amniotic stem cells because of the success rate for multiple conditions and follows the protocol that best suited for the individual patient! Recent studies have shown that adipose derived and umbilical stem cells have been proven most effective for diseased joints and chronic conditions.

Regenerative Medicine is the science of utilizing human tissue for healing. Physicians can now reliably offer their patients suffering from degenerative disease a better quality of life. Properties of growth factors in amniotic fluid and stem cells in umbilical cord tissue are delivered to damaged or injured areas of the body where they promote healing and repair, reduce inflammation and improve blood flow.


• Steroids are destructive to tissue with repeated use.

• Synvisc and other similar “rooster comb” injections do not regenerate new tissue.

• Pain medicine is addictive and destructive.

• Surgery is a last option.

Stem cells are injected on site into the damaged or weakened area where they allow the body to heal at an accelerated rate. Stem cells constantly duplicate, replicate and proliferate for maximum healing. Stem cells restore degenerated tissue back to how it was meant to be…HEALTHY! As a result, we help patients get their health back where other doctors might have run out of answers. Stem Cell Therapy offers hope and healing!

medical illustration of the function of stem cells in the human body (Medical illustration of the function of stem cells in the human body)

Unlocking the Regenerative Healing Power of the Human Body!

What is regenerative medicine? Regenerative Medicine holds the promise of repairing damaged tissues and stimulating the body’s own repair mechanisms to functionally heal previously irreparable tissues. This is accomplished using a combination of the latest technologies to help the body to heal! Regenerative Medicine provides definitive, affordable solutions that heal the body from within.

How Stem Cell Therapy Can Help:

Stem cell therapy has been shown to be effective for many conditions such as:

  • Knee arthritis and knee pain
  • Chronic pain
  • Shoulder pain due to arthritis, tendinitis so on and so forth
  • Lower back or leg pain due to disc problem, pinched nerves sciatica
  • Peripheral neuropathy.
  • Autoimmune disorders
  • Fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome
  • Osteoarthritis

Stem Cell Therapy injections help in releasing essential growth factors (cytokines, amino acids, carbohydrates, hyaluronic acid, extracellular matrix proteins, and other cellular components) as well as recruiting your body’s own stem cells to the injured site to promote tissue regeneration.




This is a non-invasive, non-surgical solution to help avoid dangerous surgery and can provide noticeable results within only a few weeks and complete the repair of the tissue within two to three months.

Why Choose Stem Cell Therapy Over Steroid Epidurals

While a steroid injection can alleviate pain and help patients avoid surgery, epidurals typically use a very high dose of steroids, which can have severe side effects and reduces the body’s ability to heal. Amniotic stem cell therapy is designed to heals the disc cells, joint cells, nerve cells, muscle cells as well as providing immediate relief from pain.
The benefits of amniotic stem cell therapy:

  • Faster healing
  • Little to no downtime
  • Improved functionality
  • No surgery
  • No prolonged surgical recovery.
  • None of the complications common with surgery

Stem Cell Therapy for the Spine and Joints

image (4)Regenerative Medicine or stem cell therapy is a fantastic option for treating an orthopedic ailments. The world of medicine advances rapidly and bio-cellular medicine is at the forefront of the industry. MedWell has access to the most extensive research and data regarding all realms of regenerative medicine. Our center has developed and compiled data for years. We have treated ailments to the shoulder, hip, knees, ankles, and we are the most advanced, treating the spinal related symptoms. Our vastly experienced, world renowned team of doctors treat patients from all over the world with dedication, passion, and natural healing.

Stem cell therapy performed by our team is an innovative way to use your body’s own stem cells to treat chronic painful orthopedic (knees, hips, shoulders, feet/ankles) or spinal disc injuries and conditions that have not improved following conservative, non-surgical treatments. Many of our patients visit us after exhausting all other possible remedies and want a possible alternative to an invasive surgery.

The first step is to determine whether you are a good candidate for stem cell therapy. This often requires a history and physical examination and x-rays. Stem cell therapy is not the best treatment for all cases. You must qualify for it. If we discover you are not a good candidate for stem cell therapy, we will discuss other treatment options with you. We are a fully equipped medical, chiropractic and physical therapy facility for all your orthopedic needs.

Our advancing procedures are quick and relatively comfortable. Once you are determined to be a good candidate for the procedure, a member of our team will explain and schedule you for your one time injection and answer any other questions you may have. After your injection you will go home and follow up with the post procedure protocol. A personal plan will be devised for an after care regime which may include Physical Therapy, Chiropractic Care, Massage Therapy, Acupuncture, and similar alternatives that are also provided on site.

Most recent published studies show a 91% success rate and improvements for up to 12 months!